Baby Sleep Training, Infant Sleep Consultant, Toddler Sleep Coach
Austin, Texas


Tamiko's Group Sleep Coaching Program


Imagine what your life will look like just 3 days from now—

Being able to put your baby down without hours of rocking,

Helping your toddler fall asleep with ease (no more negotiating!),

NEVER having to dread nap time again!

Let me show you what’s possible.

Tamiko Kelly of Sleep Well. Wake Happy. in Austin, Texas will help you:

  • stop worrying about your baby’s reflux at bedtime and help them fall asleep with ease.
  • transform your toddler from irritable and exhausted to happy and energized, because they’re enjoying quality sleep.
  • show your preschooler how to stay in bed and sleep all night without temper tantrums or other unwanted behavior.

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