10 Reasons Why Your Toddler Won’t Go To Sleep

10 Reasons Why Your Toddler Wont Go To Sleep


What happens after 7 pm when you put your toddler down for the night?

Well she would love to know.

In her mind, there’s some Vegas like party happening in your house while she sleeps and she’s missing out on all the fun.

Which is why she’ll do whatever it takes to stall bedtime.

All of sudden your pint size princess turns into a master negotiator laying out all the reasons why she should be able to stay up for 5 more minutes.

And can you blame her?

Wouldn’t you want to stay up all night washing dirty dishes, folding laundry and scraping Play-doh off the floor?

Sounds like a party to me 🙂


Here’s a list of 10 reasons why your toddler just won’t go to sleep:


10. You forgot to turn off the light (in the bathroom, 4 doors away, she can totally see your shadow & wants to know what’s going on)


9.  You didn’t feed her (well you offered her some meatballs at dinner but she wanted no parts of that and instead filled up on milk and one blueberry)


8.  You forgot her lovey (you know the one that she left at grandma’s house, last summer….in freak’n LONDON! Yeah that’s the one she wants tonight)


7.  You forgot to give her a kiss (which is totally understandable because you just spent 30 minutes kissing every. single. doll. in the nursery)


6.  You picked the wrong pajamas (now you already know that she’s OBSESSED with Disney Princesses so how dare you dress her in Winnie The Pooh…that’s a fashion no- no!)


5.   You didn’t let her finish her TV show today at lunch (which she was totally fine with at the time because she was over the moon excited about her play date with Sabrina down the street…buuuuut now all hell is break’n loose because she’s just got see what Dora’s exploring)


4.  You made the mistake of asking her if she’s ready for bed (what did you go and do that for??? you already know what the answer’s gonna be!!)


3.  She has to pee (in the potty, right now, even though she refuses to use it during the day when you actually want her too)


2.  She has questions. Lots of questions (why is the sun yellow?, who made the sky blue?, why is Thomas a train and not a truck? how long can stay up by asking my mama these ridiculous questions?)


1.  She’s just not sleepy (she says, as she’s yawning with her eyes half closed)


Now it’s your turn.

In the comments below, tell me why won’t your toddler go to sleep? 

And let’s all enjoy a chuckle together.


Because staying up 5 more minutes really IS fun,





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