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BIG NEWS!!! Google Called!

Google Helpouts

I’m so excited to share the news with all of you!

Google called (or rather emailed) and offered me a unique opportunity.  I’m one of the first child sleep coaches who has been invited to share their expertise via live video through a new Google product called Helpouts.  I’m excited to say that you can find me as a regular contributor dishing out child sleep advice to exhausted parents around the world. More

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AUDIO TRAINING: How Your Kids’ Sleep Will Organize & Your FAQ Sleep Questions Answered

Special Valentine Kids Sleep Audio Training

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As my special gift to you, please enjoy this exclusive audio training taken from my current Inner Circle Sleep Coaching Program.  This audio helped many of my current members get serious breakthroughs in their child’s sleep and I know it will do the same for you.

I hear from parents all the time, “Well my kid sleeps at night but refuses to nap!” or “He’ll nap at school but I can forget ever trying to get him to nap at home.”  Sometimes overwhelmed parents even tell me, “Look I don’t have time to be up all night.  I have a day job and I can’t perform on just 3 hours of sleep.”   More