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Help Your Baby Adjust To The End of Daylight Savings Time : Part 2

Help Your Baby To The End of Daylight Savings Time by Tamiko Kelly, Child Sleep Expert


This is my favorite time of year. Not because of the upcoming holidays (I mean yes, those are great too) but I get an extra hour of sleep.

An an extra hour to snuggle in bed and wrap myself tightly in my favorite comforter. Daylight Savings Time rocks!

But when you’ve got a baby who doesn’t sleep, this time of year is FRIGHTENING!  Like MJ’s transformation in the Thriller video. Yep, down right scary.

You dread your little one waking at the butt crack of dawn when we Fall Back. More

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Does Your Baby Have A Drinking Problem?

Does Your Baby Have A Drinking Problem

I spoke to a frustrated mama last week who had a pickle of a problem on her hands.

She’s a married single mom (husband travels 90% of the time) which leaves her alone with her 3 kids A LOT.

Between juggling the activities of her older kids (4 and 7) she’s constantly on the go and her 3 month old baby spends much of his time enjoying the view from his carseat.

Her baby would fuss (like many do), she would give him his binky and all would be right with the world.  Then the strangest thing began to happen.