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This is so humbling…

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Today’s blog post is a BIG one for me.

This has been in the works for several months and I’m so thrilled that I can FINALLY share the good news with you.

I’ve been featured on sharing my sleep tips with their fabulous audience of millions of parents in search of a good night’s sleep.   More

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What To Do When Co-Sleeping No Longer Works

What To Do When Co Sleeping No Longer Works


This tired mama’s question is probably one you can relate to and goes a lil’ something like this:

“My daughter is almost 7 weeks old and she is currently co-sleeping. While I enjoy the cuddles it’s starting to not work for us. I would like to get my daughter sleeping in her crib. How do I go about transitioning within the next few weeks?”

So if co-sleeping really = you sleeping with 1/2 your body draped off the side of the mattress (as you wonder how the hell such a small baby can take up so much space), keeping reading today’s blog post.  I’ll share some juicy tidbits that’ll help both you and your sweet baby sleep comfortably…all night long. More