Does Your Baby Have A Drinking Problem?

Does Your Baby Have A Drinking Problem

I spoke to a frustrated mama last week who had a pickle of a problem on her hands.

She’s a married single mom (husband travels 90% of the time) which leaves her alone with her 3 kids A LOT.

Between juggling the activities of her older kids (4 and 7) she’s constantly on the go and her 3 month old baby spends much of his time enjoying the view from his carseat.

Her baby would fuss (like many do), she would give him his binky and all would be right with the world.  Then the strangest thing began to happen.

She’d give him the binky and he’d scream louder.  And I mean gut wrenching, blood curdling, I need ear plugs kinda screams. 

So one day while they were out on an errand, she breastfed him to quiet him down and it worked great!  He was calm and quiet within seconds.

But then all his wanted was the boob.  All day. Every night.

Wake up. Drink. Sleep. Drink. Fuss. Drink.

So I said to her, “It’s like he has a drinking problem.”

And she responded, “YESSS! And it’s time for an intervention!” 

In today’s episode discover three easy ways to close the BAR–especially if you suspect your baby has a drinking problem.



Here’s your quick recap:

  1. Close all the night buffet. It’s time for your boobs to have regular business hours and my BAR system can help you do it.
  2. Get reinforcements.  Call your hubby (or maybe your BFF) getting your baby to STTN is more fun with friends.
  3. Follow through.  Once you implement steps 1 & 2, it’s time take action.  And if this step is the hardest one for you….


I can help with that!

I’ve recently created a group program, that will make it easy to get your baby sleeping through the night.  You’ll be around other exhausted parents who totally GET what you’re going through and it’s now officially open for enrollment.  WHOO HOO!

Join me for 30 days, I’ll show you a SIMPLE process to get your baby sleeping all night long (complete with video and audio training) that will totally change your life—literally.  

I’ve complied all the sleep info you need, put in one place and made it easy to understand.  Just think of it as your one stop shop for all things sleep.

So if you’ve been praying for a solution for your baby’s sleeping (or drinking) problem, this is IT.

Get all the deets here


Now onto your homework


Do you have trouble getting your little to fall asleep without your boobs (or a bottle)?

Do you try find out other ways to get them sleeping but – at 3 in the morning- you cave and take the easy way out?

Tell me all about your baby’s drinking problem below.


Here’s to dry counties and sleeping babies,




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