FREE Live Workshop


The 7 Steps To Teach Your Baby To Sleep Without Feeding ’Em All. Night. Long. 

with baby sleep expert, Tamiko Kelly



BabyEarth Round Rock

106 E Old Settlers Blvd D-100, Round Rock, TX 78664

Thursday, November 9, 2017

11:30 am – 1:00 pm



Come join me live where:


  • I’ll teach you a very specific proven 7 step process to night wean your baby (even if you’ve been scared to try before)


  • You’ll learn the new way to determine how much food your baby should be eating so you’re 100% sure her belly is full before you put her down for the night


  • I’ll help you uncover the secret to understanding your baby’s personality so you can easily teach her to sleep through that 2 am feed (this has literally changed the lives of my well rested students)


  • I’ll answer to the most common question I get asked “How do I know if my baby is REALLY hungry when she wakes during the night or if it’s just a habit?”





Jenny Wade


“Tamiko knows babies! I attended her session at BabyEarth and as soon as we got home for nap time I implemented her advice. My little guy is 5 weeks and has never fallen asleep while not nursing. I was able to lay him down awake and he fell asleep on his own, not crying, and slept sounding for over 2 hours. Its true, sleep well, wake happy!”  -Busy Mom Jenny K 




Admission is FREE but you have to claim a seat to attend.  

Well behaved children and sleeping babies are always welcomed.


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