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How To Get Your Baby To Sleep More

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep More Blog Post


Sometimes you try everything in the hopes that something will finally help your baby sleep more.  

The constant wakes up are wearing you out.  

You’re starting to feel like a Jack-In-The-Box constantly popping in and out of your baby’s nursery all. night. long. 

Honestly, you’d be ok if she just woke up ONCE per night and easily went back to sleep.  

But not that’s not what’s happening.  

She waking up at 11 pm, 2 am and the dreaded 5 am refusing to go back to sleep.

And you’re having to work super hard during these wake ups to get her back down.

You begin to wonder, “Does it really have to be this way?”

If you’ve ever scratched your head wondering what you can do to help your baby sleep more, I’ve got two sweet tips for ya.


Does Your Baby Have A Drinking Problem?

Does Your Baby Have A Drinking Problem

I spoke to a frustrated mama last week who had a pickle of a problem on her hands.

She’s a married single mom (husband travels 90% of the time) which leaves her alone with her 3 kids A LOT.

Between juggling the activities of her older kids (4 and 7) she’s constantly on the go and her 3 month old baby spends much of his time enjoying the view from his carseat.

Her baby would fuss (like many do), she would give him his binky and all would be right with the world.  Then the strangest thing began to happen.


Tried everything and your baby still won’t sleep? Watch this!

Tamiko Kelly

I’m curious…

Have you read a ton of books looking for the “magic” solution for your baby’s sleep…or maybe searched Google for answers?

If so, you’re not alone.  

Exhausted parents all over the world have done the same because quite frankly no one likes waking up at 3 am to a screaming baby.

Maybe you’ve even asked friends for help and have been told…

Some babies just don’t sleep through the night. [Insert random example here of how their child didn’t sleep through the night]

Many times after you’ve done your research, you leave more confused than when you started.  

Which leads to more frustration and more sleepless nights.  Ugh! More

Baby Crying: What’s Normal and What’s Not


Baby Crying:  What's Normal, What's Not


For new parents, the sound of a baby crying can be heartbreaking – and occasionally frustrating. Many first-time parents are shocked by how frequently their babies cry. But crying is your baby’s way of communicating with you. Since she can’t talk, she has to cry when she needs something or wants to share feelings with you. This means that crying isn’t always a sign that something’s wrong; indeed, if your baby cries, it means she’s communicating and developing normally. If you’re like most parents and find yourself worrying, though, here’s what you need to know about babies and crying.


Summer Baby Sleep Tips

 Summer Baby Sleep Tips


Summer has officially arrived. It’s time to break out the adorable sundresses, load up the family for road trips, and enjoy the endless opportunities that warmer weather brings. Some of my favorite summer memories are times my sister and I spent at my grandma’s house. We’d go to Disney World, see our friends and of course stay up way past our bedtime. Fun times were had by all! I’m sure your calendar is full of fun activities and you’re looking forward to unplugging and basking in the relaxation of summer. With a little one in tow, you’ll have to balance all those fun times with their need for beauty sleep.  Follow these simple summer baby sleep tips to get on the road to a fun and sleep filled summer.


Baby Sleep Myths Busted: Never Wake A Sleeping Baby

Never Wake A Sleeping Baby

Welcome to the fourth installment in my 5 part baby sleep myth series.  Today’s topic is sure to raise of couple of eyebrows.  Rightly so. For so long we’ve been told to let our children sleep. I remember when I was younger hearing some of the older ladies in church telling the new moms to let their babies sleep no matter what. “Never wake a sleeping baby”, they would say. “Or you’ll have a mess on your hands!” And who were they to argue? They were new mothers looking for advice desperately wanting to avoid the sleep deprivation horror stories they’d heard so many times before.

How To Dress Your Baby for Winter Sleep

 Dress Baby Winter Sleep

Winter is such a fun time of the year. When the temps drops, we know Christmas is on the way.  The kids get excited and start writing their letters to Santa.  Holiday parties get planned and yummy treats are baked in the oven.  We scurry to the stores and finish our last minute Christmas shopping.  It’s a time I look forward to every year. However as it gets colder out, the kiddos will need to be bundled tightly to protect them from Old Man Winter.  Naturally the heaters in most homes will be working overtime to keep us nice and cozy.   With in the increased temps indoors, how should we dress baby for winter sleep? More

Baby Sleep Myths Busted: Rice Cereal For Babies


Rice Cereal for Babies


Welcome to the third installment in my 5 part baby sleep myth series.  Last time we discussed good vs. bad sleepers and how all babies can learn to sleep through the night.   Today we’re going to talk about food and its connection to your baby’s sleep.  Food is nourishment.  It can make us feel energized or leaving us feeling sluggish.  It can help us heal or even cause us to be ill.  Food is a powerful tool and when used properly can have amazing health benefits.  Some might even say food is the key to life.   More

Baby Holiday Sleep Tips: Sleep Routine


Baby Holiday Sleep Tips

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  It puts everyone in such a good mood.  You’ll see people opening doors for strangers, carolers singing in the neighborhood and smell yummy treats warm from the oven.  It truly is a magical time of year.  With all the cooking, parties and dinner invitations your holiday calendar is full of fun!  Soon your house will be full of out of town guests or maybe you’ll be traveling to be with family.  Whatever’s on your holiday calendar, there are easy ways to keep your baby’s sleep intact while spreading holiday cheer.  Here are four of my favorite baby holiday sleep tips: More