How To Dress Your Baby for Winter Sleep

 Dress Baby Winter Sleep

Winter is such a fun time of the year. When the temps drops, we know Christmas is on the way.  The kids get excited and start writing their letters to Santa.  Holiday parties get planned and yummy treats are baked in the oven.  We scurry to the stores and finish our last minute Christmas shopping.  It’s a time I look forward to every year. However as it gets colder out, the kiddos will need to be bundled tightly to protect them from Old Man Winter.  Naturally the heaters in most homes will be working overtime to keep us nice and cozy.   With in the increased temps indoors, how should we dress baby for winter sleep?

Here are some of my favorite tips:

You Want Baby Cozy but not Too Warm

During the winter we layer to protect ourselves from the frigid temperatures.  Some of us may even layer our babies for sleep because we don’t them to get too cold during the night.  However, it’s important to remember that a baby who is too warm during the night doesn’t sleep well.  I have been awakened several times sweating in my sleep because the heat was blasting, I had on warm PJs and was sleeping under a cozy blanket.  It was cold when I laid down but as the night went on, it got really hot!  This is especially important if your baby sleep upstairs.  Remember heat rises.  If you don’t have two thermostats in your home (one to control upstairs and the other control downstairs) drop the heat in your home a few degrees before you go to sleep.  

Dress Baby for Winter Sleep

For newborns who are swaddled, I recommend a lightweight onesie or long sleeve footed PJ’s under their swaddle.  If you opt for the long sleeve pajamas make sure the material isn’t too heavy for your little one.  We don’t want them to get too warm during the night.  Should your swaddle be made of a heavier fabric for winter, you can skip the onesie/pajamas all together and just place some socks on your baby’s feet.  Remember to swaddle your baby tight enough so they can’t break out but give them enough room so they are free to move their legs and hips.

For babies who are no longer swaddled, use the same advice as above.  However I recommend moving them into a sleep sack after they outgrow the swaddle.  It still provides them with the coziness they love and allows them to move freely.  Loose blankets are never recommended in your baby’s crib until they are old enough to do a 360 flip (go from back to belly & belly to back) without your assistance.

How To Make Sure Baby Isn’t Too Warm

The ideal temperature for your baby’s sleep environment is 68ºF (or 20ºC).  However in the winter months that can feel a bit chilly at bedtime.  Before adding an extra layer to your baby when it’s time for bed, do a skin check.  Place your hand on the nape (or back) of their neck.  Your baby should feel cool the touch but not cold.  If you feel any sweat or moisture, it’s best to remove a layer of clothing so your baby doesn’t overheat during the night. If your baby is cold to the touch, add another lightweight layer.

How do your keep your baby warm during the weather months?  Share your comments with me below.

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