Finally Get Your Baby Sleeping All Night

Finally Get Your Baby Sleeping All Night


Happy Tuesday!

Well first of all whoa!

Thanks so much for all the questions and fun comments you emailed over after last week’s video.  Glad to know you loved it.  

I knew you would 🙂

Keep all the great feedback coming and feel free to share the video with your friends. Our love fest has just started!

So like I said last week, Vday is right around the corner and I’ll be dropping love bombs all of you over this month.

And you’re gonna love ’em

Trust me 🙂


Sleep Out of stock


Now let’s get right into Video Love Bomb #3

I’m cracking open the Sleep Vault and laying it all out on the table for ya.  If you’re running on empty because your baby’s sleep is “currently out of stock” and you’re LONG OVERDUE for a replenishment then this week’s vid is for you.

I share 5 sleep tips which separate the exhausted parents from those who sleep peacefully all night long.  

I’ve been sharing these tips with my clients since 2008 and every single one who followed this advice STILL has kids that sleep all night.

No seriously.

I just got an email from my client Amy, who I worked with when her son was 7 months and now almost 4 years later….he’s still sleeping through the night.

So these tips are worth their weight in digi-gold.

Enough with the suspense.

Let’s get this show on the road.


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And then keep your eyes peeled for video #4 which will up on the blog shortly. 

Here’s to restocked shelves and your sweet baby sleeping through the night,

Tamiko (aka Sleeptastic)



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