Get Your Husband To Handle Baby’s Bedtime With 3 Simple Steps

It’s Friday night and it’s time to PARTAY!

And when I say partay, I mean put your baby down, pour a glass of wine, watch your favorite TV show in your jammies and then fall fast asleep.

Sounds wonderful, huh?

But something strange always happens.

Your baby wakes at up in the middle of night and your husband is fast asleep.

And I mean counting sheeps, dead to the world kinda sleep. Like if a hurricane came through and shattered every window in your house, he wouldn’t move.

After about your fifth time getting up for the night, you begin to ask yourself,

“Why does he get to sleep all night?”

If this sounds, familiar you’re gonna love today’s video.  You’ll learn 3 simple steps to wake your husband up (both figuratively and literally) and get his help with your night owl.


 Here’s your quick recap:

  • Stop being a Bitter Betty.  Nothing will change if you walk around the house all day with your lip poked out and suffer through your baby’s wake ups in silence.
  • Ask for help.  The squeaky wheel ALWAYS gets the grease.
  • Show him how it’s done.  Give a quick lesson on your bedtime routine and encourage him to make it his own.


Now onto your homework


No matter how many times your baby gets up each night, having your husband’s help can make those 3 am wake up calls much more bearable.

In the comments below I’d love to hear from you.  

Share your “hubby script” and then tell us when you’re gonna deliver it.

Or maybe you have an awesome hubby who happily wakes up and gets baby back to sleep, give him a shout out below. 


Sweet dreams,





If you are in the Austin area, join me next Thursday and learn how to help your toddler get some more Zzz’s.  Get all the deets here:



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