Teach Your Baby To Sleep
without feeding ’em all. night. long.


FREE live workshop for exhausted parents with babies 3 – 18 months


with baby sleep expert, Tamiko Kelly


Enlightened Baby

(formerly The Natural Baby Company)

515 S. Congress, Suite 200, Austin, TX  78704

Thursday, May 26, 2016

11:30 am-1:00 pm


Come join me live where you’ll learn:

  • How much food your baby should be eating (so you can be 100% sure that his belly is full before you put him down for the night)


  • How to make sure that’s he’s getting those ounces each and every day (so you don’t have to guess whether or not he’s hungry at 2 am)


  • The easiest way to determine if your baby is REALLY hungry when he wakes during the night or if it’s just habit (and what you can do about it)


  • The 4 most common baby personality types, including examples and how to determine which type your baby falls into. The best part? Learn how to use them to your advantage and easily teach your baby to sleep through that 2 am feeding.


  • My proven system for getting your little one to sleep longer stretches without your boobs or the bottle (so you can FINALLY sleep longer than 3 hours in a row) 



And I’ll answer all of your questions at the end of our workshop when you join me live.


Admission is FREE but you have to claim a seat to attend.  

Well behaved children and sleeping babies are always welcomed.  



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