Karissa B

At first, I didn’t want to pay to use a “sleep consultant.” I felt like I should have been able to solve my baby’s sleep problems on my own and that I was giving up by hiring a sleep consultant. I was also slightly worried that Tamiko would ask me to do things I wasn’t comfortable with (such as letting her cry for hours alone), which definitely didn’t happen. Tamiko is very positive and encouraging, gave us options and let us pick what we thought would work best for our family.  I should have hired her a year ago! 

— Karissa B, mom of a 19 month old girl

I never thought my daughter would ever nap without me in the room or longer than an hour. After working with Tamiko for just 5 days, I’m able to leave the room, my daughter falls asleep on her own and sleeps an hour and half! I couldn’t be happier to see results so quickly! 

—Jacky R, mom of 18 month old girl

During our pillow talk session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Teach your baby to sleep all night with sacrificing your parenting style (or sanity) in the process
  • Stop being a human pacifier (yes, your baby can fall asleep without your boobs)
  • Show your baby how to self soothe (so you’re not running in the room every time the pacifier falls out of her mouth)


Here’s what you can expect:

BEFORE:  You’ll be taken my online scheduler where you’ll select your appointment time for our first 30 minute call.  You’ll then be redirected to PayPal to submit your payment.  Then you’ll be taken to my thank you page where you’ll complete your detailed questionnaire.  Finally, you’ll need to submit 3 days of your baby’s sleep logs.


DURING:  We’ll meet once/day for 30 minutes for your first 3 days of sleeping training and then one last time for 30 minutes a week later.  After our calls, I’ll send you a quick email summarizing what we discussed along with your call recording.   You’ll definitely want to save the email after our first call because it’ll contain the special link to book your 4 follow up phone calls + the plan for our time together.


In each 30 minute call we’ll get into:

Call One:  Your biggest sleep challenge and a step by step plan to solve it

Call Two:  You implemented steps 1 & 2.  How did that go? Any questions? I’ll leave with encouraging words and discuss the next steps.

Call Three:  You implemented steps 3 & 4.  How did that go?  Any questions?  We’ll celebrate your wins, I’ll leave you with encouraging words and we’ll discuss next steps.

Call Four:  You’re a sleep training master by now.  Let’s celebrate your wins, answer your questions and recap next steps so you keep the momentum going during the next week.

Call Five (our last call): We’ll celebrate how much your baby’s sleep has improved since we’ve started working together, answer any remaining questions and discuss next steps


AFTER:  At the end of our time together, you’ll be relieved and well rested.  I’ll also send over a simple survey where you can share your results and *brag* about your sweet baby.  I’ll then upload and share your responses on my site (with your permission of course)


Most parents lose 44 days of sleep during the first year of their baby’s life. 

That’s about 6 weeks and over 350 hours of sleep. Crazy, right?!


You’re seriously sleep deprived, cry at the drop of hat, your hubby has named you “Oscar the Grouch” and patience is something nearly impossible to come by.  And to top it off you’re starting to feel resentment towards your sweet, innocent baby. 


But it doesn’t have to be that way, mama.  Your baby can totally sleep through the night and I’d love to show you how.  A good night’s sleep is just a click away.


To reserve your spot, click the button below and you’ll…

  1. Schedule Your Appointment
  2. Submit Payment
    1. You’ll see a beautiful orange button that says “Click Here To Pay For Your Pillow Talk Sessions” once you’ve booked your appointment
    2. Once you click the orange button, you’ll be taken to my payment processor where you’ll submit your mailing address + payment
  3. Complete your detailed questionnaire (via my thank you page)
  4. Submit 3 days of your baby’s sleep logs
    1. If you don’t have your sleep logs ready, pick a date about 5 business days in the future for our first call.  This way you’ll be able track your child’s sleep for the next 3 days and I’ll have an opportunity to review your logs before our call.
  5. Get ready to sleep like a baby husband (because both you and I know he can sleep through anything) 🙂


Your Investment $997

Pillow Talk


How long will it take for my baby to sleep through the night?

Typically clients see results in one part of their baby’s sleep within the first 3 days of sleep training and full night’s sleep by day 10.  For example, many have reported that it takes less time for their baby to fall asleep after just 3 days.  Every family is different and who knows, your baby could be sleeping all night in 3 days.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Ready To Feel Like Yourself Again?


Is this a one-size-fits-all sleep solution?

Nope!  This is what makes my pillow talk sessions so awesome.  I will LISTEN to you and then offer a customized sleep solution for your family based on your parenting style and sleep goals.  I will never force you to pick a sleep method that doesn’t feel right to you.


I really can’t bear to hear my baby cry.  Do you I have any options beside cry it out?

Absolutely! I have several low cry solutions in my diaper bag.  While I can’t guarantee that your baby won’t cry, I DO teach you how to minimize the crying so everyone can get back to sleep.  One important thing to note is it can sometimes take a bit longer to see results when using a low cry option. 

Corley WBefore working with Tamiko, I was very worried that there wouldn’t be gentle options because I really didn’t want to go the cry-it-out route.  However together we developed a gentle plan (with very little crying) so everyone could get back to sleep.  Within the first week we saw improvement in the length of time she was sleeping, and how quickly we were able to get her back to sleep when she did wake up. 

— Corley W, mom of a 9 month old baby girl

Do my pillow talk sessions include a formal written sleep plan?

No they don’t and here’s why.  After working with (and surveying) many of my clients, I received feedback that many were too exhausted to read a long 15+ page detailed plan.  So to better serve you, here’s what I’ve done instead:

  • In our first email, you’ll receive the recording of our call along with our goals during our time together.
  • It’ll include our plan of action (i.e. what sleep method we selected) and how it works (i.e. clear, concise step by step instructions).
  • I’ll then move on to any product recommendations and…
  • I’ll close our email with next steps for your family (i.e. your suggested follow up call schedule and the scheduling link)

My goal is make sleep training as easy as possible for you by organizing the information in a quick easy to read format.

Ready to get more sleep?  Let’s do this!

 Your Investment $997

Pillow Talk


Here’s what included with your pillow talk sessions:

5—recorded 30 minute calls (that’s 2.5 hours of customized support)


1—sleep schedule for your child based on age

1—detailed questionnaire where you tell me about your baby’s sleep challenges

My 7 years of sleep training experience

LOTS of encouragement because I totally believe in you (& your baby)

TONS of celebrations as you make progress with your little one’s sleep


How long do I have to use my emails? What’s the typical response time?

You have two weeks after our 1st phone call to use your 5 emails.  I will respond with 24-48 business hours (and most times much sooner).

Lizzie M CroppedYou were so dependable.  Knowing I had a weekly chat scheduled to ask you all of my questions and discuss my concerns kept me sane. Knowing I could send a quick email & get a quick response was also a life saver too!

 — Lizzie M, mom of 4 month old baby boy

When are the follow up calls scheduled?

In the email you’ll receive after our first call, I send over a suggested follow up schedule along with a scheduler link.  You then click the link and book your follow up calls at a time that works for you. 


Where do the calls take place?

For my US mamas, we’ll chat via my private conference line.  You’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details after you book.

For my international mamas, I have dial in numbers for over 52 countries. So where ever you are in the world, I’ve got ya covered.  On your questionnaire, just let me know where you’re located and I’ll send over dial in instructions. Easy peasy!


Does my Pillow Talk Session come with a money back guarantee?

I would loooveee to offer a money back guarantee but I can’t.  No seriously.  My attorney + business insurer won’t let me. 

And trust me, I gave them my best pout and puppy dogs eyes…and still nothing!

But here’s what I’ll say. 

I’ll walk you step by step through sleep training so the process is much easier for you (and your baby).

I’ll listen, support and encourage you throughout the entire process.  

I get it. Change is hard. But just know I’ll be there cheering you on.

And I’ve had many clients rave about their fantastic results.  The results they received from doing the work.  

If you’re not willing to do the work (i.e. make the changes necessary for your family to sleep well), be consistent, follow my instructions and be held accountable then Pillow Talk Sessions aren’t right for you.

I can give you all the tips in my diaper bag but nothing will work, if you don’t work it!


Do you offer payment plans?

Not at this time. However my payment processor, PayPal does.  It’s called PayPal Credit and during checkout you’ll be given the option to apply.  The application takes about 60 seconds and once you’re approved, you get 6 months no payments + no interest financing. So basically, you’ll pay nothing today and get more sleep tonight.  Sweet!

{in my best Jay-Z voice} Allow me to (re)introduce myself

Hi! I’Tamiko Kelly Homepagem Tamiko.

I’m a Texas girl (raised in Houston to be exact) now living in Austin.

I’m a former nanny, awesome big sis and child sleep expert who has a slight obsession with all things sleep.  I love this stuff!

I’ve spent almost a decade and over 15,000 hours fine tuning my skills with exhausted babies all over the US.  And what I’ve learned is that getting your baby to sleep through the night isn’t hard. 


But it’s sure confusing when you’re trying to figure it out on your own.

I mean, have you searched Google lately?  All the data you’ll find will make your head spin!




I want to make it easy for exhausted mamas to get their babies sleeping through the night.  Allow me to eliminate the confusion and work one-on-one with your family to develop a sleep solution that works. 


 What you’ll learn during our time together will serve your family well for years to come.

 When you have a step by step plan, getting your little one back to sleep will be a breeze.  Dare I say, easy?


And I’d love the chance to show you how.

 Your Investment $997

Pillow Talk


 After our pillow talk sessions, you’ll be able to:

  • Start feeling like yourself again (‘member that girl who loved yoga classes and hanging with friends? Yeah, let’s get her back!)
  • Enjoy the other kinda pillow talk with your spouse. I mean you’re one hot mama with needs girl 🙂
  • Sleep like you did before you had kids. 8 delicious uninterrupted hours.


Can you tell me a bit more about your qualifications?

Of course!  Here’s my street cred:

  • Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner  
  • West Coast Regional Director, Association of Professional Sleep Consultants
  • Certified Happiest Baby Educator, Happiest Baby on the Block
  • Certified Child Sleep Consultant, International Maternity & Parenting Institute

And because I have a slight obsession with all things sleep, here’s some of the continuing education classes I’ve taken:

  • The Importance of Brain Development in Newborns, Dr. Jenn Berman
  • Happiest Baby & Toddler on the Block, Dr. Harvey Karp
  • Bonding and Attachment During Early Infancy, Lindsay Pascoe
  • Treating Infant Reflux Naturally, Andrea Page
  • Effects of Low Blue Light on Melatonin Production, Dr. Richard Hansler
  • Baby Sign Language, My Smart Hands

Oh and did I mention…

$100 of your investment will go straight to my #SwabForTraneka Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser.  On Dec 31, 2014 I lost my dear friend Traneka Davis to Large Diffused B-Cell Lymphoma and now I’m on a mission to raise $10K in her honor.  Together we’ll give blood cancers a BIG swift kick in the a$$ and be one step closer to a cure.


Uh! I should be able to figure this out on my own.  Why do I need to hire a sleep consultant?

I get it.  You’re frustrated.  And this sleep thing has got you pulling your hair out.  But that’s exactly why you should hire me.  So I can make this easy for you.  Say goodbye to those 3 am Goggle searches and get ready to kick exhaustion to the curb.  Together we’ll develop a custom step by step plan that’ll get you and your baby back to sleep.

Karissa B

At first, I didn’t want to pay to use a “sleep consultant.” I felt like I should have been able to solve my baby’s sleep problems on my own and that I was giving up by hiring a sleep consultant. I was also slightly worried that Tamiko would ask me to do things I wasn’t comfortable with (such as letting her cry for hours alone), which definitely didn’t happen. Tamiko is very positive and encouraging, gave us options and let us pick what we thought would work best for our family.  I should have hired her a year ago! 

— Karissa B, mom of a 19 month old girl

I have twins, is pillow talk right for me?

If you’re ready for a good night’s sleep and can follow (and implement) a step by step plan then pillow talk is right for you.  Please note: the price for twins is $1397.  Please book your session via the button below and select the appropriate option during checkout.

But I have a toddler, preschooler or school aged child.  Can you help me?

Yep and I’d love to!  While the majority of my clients have little bambinos I happily help mamas with older kiddos (up to age 6) too.  I have lots of experience with older ones and can definitely help your family get back to sleep.  That’s the joy of my pillow talk sessions.  They’re customized for your family’s unique situation.

I need some SERIOUS help with naps. Please tell me you can help!

{Channeling my inner Ned Flanders} Absotiddliutely!  Naps can be a bit tricky but luckily for you, I have lots of experience getting even the most spirited babies to nap like a pro.  For us to be successful with nap training, your baby will need to already be sleeping through the night.  If that’s not the case, then let’s get them sleeping through the night first and then work on naps.

Crap!  I booked my session and now my baby’s sick! What can I do?

Not to worry mama.  You focus on getting your little one healthy and I’ll hold your spot.  Just email me and let me know.  Once you’ve received the all clear from your doc, shoot me another email and we’ll pick up where we left off.

Sound good?  Great!

Click the button below to

Pillow Talk

Your Investment $997


But my baby has reflux. Can she really sleep through the night?

As long as her symptoms are under control and you have your doctor’s OK, we can totally do this!  I have lots of experience with reflux babies.  I even have some special tips in my diaper bag that I’d love to share.


My son was diagnosed with a bad case of silent reflux and we just assumed good sleep was something that was lost for our family until he outgrew his reflux. But then we met Tamiko! After working with her for just a few days, we can lay our son in his crib at night and after a few minutes of talking to himself, he is fast asleep.

— Anita P, mom of a 4 month old baby boy

I’ve tried everything to get my baby sleeping through the night and nothing has worked.  How will working with you be any different?

Think of me as your favorite girlfriend.  You know the one who has all the advice and can somehow magically provide you with answer that you’re too blind to see for yourself?  Yep that’s me! 

When you’re in the thick of exhaustion it’s IMPOSSIBLE to think straight.  You’re so emotionally drained that you’ll do whatever it takes to get you back to sleep fast.  And most times that’s the very thing that has you up all night. 

When you work with me, I’ll be able to see things through a different lens and provide you with practical solutions that work.   You’ll be able to ask me questions, get clarity and a step by step plan.  And that’s what makes this different.  I’ll listen, develop a plan, give you advice and hold you accountable so you can get results.


I’m an international mama in a totally different time zone.  Can you help me too?

Of course!  Thank God for technology.  My scheduler does all the heavy lifting.  You select your time zone and it automatically syncs it with mine.  It’s super simple.


We co-sleep.  But there’s not much sleeping going on. Are your pillow talk sessions right for me?

I support all parenting philosophies and if you’re ready to transition your baby to their own sleep space, I’d love to help.  Depending on your goals, we’ll develop a plan that’ll meet you right where you are and take you where you want to be. 

Caity Flohr EditedThe most important thing people should know about working with Tamiko is that she supports gentle parenting. There was no criticism of my choice in safe co sleeping while my daughter was newborn, and she was willing to offer advice on any step I wanted to take next, be it continuing to co-sleep or move her into the crib or bassinet.  I hesitated on working with Tamiko because I was afraid she would recommend the cry it out method, and look down on co sleeping.  But that wasn’t the case at all! Because of her advice, my daughter now sleeps through the whole night in her crib and I get a full 8 hours of rest. Hallelujah! 

— Caity F, mom of a 6 month old baby girl

I’m a breastfeeding mama.  I’ve heard EBF (exclusively breastfed) babies can’t sleep through the night.  What are your thoughts on this? Will I have to stop breastfeeding when I work with you?

First of all kudos to you.  Breastfeeding has such great benefits for your baby.  No you won’t have to stop breastfeeding to work with me.  If you want to continue breastfeeding, I will totally support and encourage you through the process.  We’ll develop a plan that honors your needs to breastfeed your baby while ensuring you’re both getting more sleep.  EBF babies can sleep through the night.  I’ve had clients with babies as young as 12 weeks sleep the magically 12 hours in a row.  It’s totally possible.


Ok, I’m 95% sure.  How can I really make sure your Pillow Talk Sessions are right for me?

Alright mama.  Here’s a loving list of reassurance for ya:

  1. You’ll have an exact blueprint for getting your baby sleeping through the night (no more frantic 3am Goggle searches)
  2. You’ll save hours (months or years) of frustration by trying to break the baby sleep code on your own.
  3. You’ll have all the tools so that when your baby goes through teething, crawling (or any other developmental milestone) you can get her sleep back on track.
  4. You’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief (and kiss overwhelm goodbye) because you’ll have my expert knowledge in your back pocket.
  5. You’ll be heard, supported and encouraged throughout your entire sleep training process. I believe in you (and your baby). Together we can totally do this!
  6. You’ll be held accountable. I can give you all the tips in my diaper bag but nothing will work, if you don’t work it!  If you’re not willing to be consistent and follow my instructions then do not pass go and do not collect $200. (and yes I just used a monopoly reference on my sales page)
  7. You’ll spend more time with your happy, well rested baby. I mean that’s why here right?  You love your baby more than life itself and you just want her to be happy.
  8. You’ll get more “me” time. You’re a mama not a martyr. You deserve some time to yourself.  Once you get your baby down for the night at 7, say hello to a warm bubble bath, glass of wine and a whole lot of quiet.  Ahhh…doesn’t that sound amazzzing?
  9. You’ll be able to brag to all of your mommy friends and tell them how fantastically your baby sleeps in her crib all. night. long. Go ahead! You earned it!
  10. You’ll be able to reconnect with your hubby.  He’s your dream boat.  The dude you love.  I know you miss him.  Now you can enjoy some much needed time together and maybe start working on baby number #2 (or 3).  The possibilities are endless!


And here’s an added bonus that’ll make ya feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside:


$100 of your investment will go straight to my #SwabForTraneka Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser.  On Dec 31, 2014 I lost my dear friend Traneka Davis to Large Diffused B-Cell Lymphoma and now I’m on a mission to raise $10K in her honor.  Together we’ll give blood cancers a BIG swift kick in the a$$ and be one step closer to a cure.

Ok seriously, girl.  That’s all I got.

Let’s do this!


 Your Investment $997

Pillow Talk