Sleep: It’s Always In Fashion


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Before my days as a sleep consultant, I spent many years in Corporate America.  I went to college, graduated and got a “real” job like everyone told me to.  One of my favorite jobs out of college, were my days spent in visual merchandising.  If you’re unfamiliar with the field of retail visual merchandising, l’ll get to that in a minute.  We’ve all had salespeople assist us with making our clothing selections.  Right?  They pull the proper size in the garment you’d like to try on, they let you into the fitting room, convince you the garment looks fabulous and then checks you out.  Well behind the scenes, there are many worker bees setting the stage so you can make that purchase.  In visual merchandising, it was my job to display the garments in such a way that you’re enticed to take a closer look.  You know those wonderful window displays that make you stop dead in your tracks and go into the store?  That’s some of my best handy work.  Or when you’re shopping in the store and see a mannequin wearing a gorgeous dress that’ll look perfect with your new shoes?  Yep, that’s me too.  All those nicely color coordinated sweaters perfectly lined up in cubbies on the wall?  You know the ones you’re afraid to touch?  I did that as well.  

I spent countless hours making things look pretty.  So pretty that you were more than happy to spend your money.  I won several awards and lead my stores to double digit increases year after year.  I became so good at my job that I was quickly promoted to corporate and became a member of the team developing these “money spending” strategies.  On all the accounts, I’d make it.  No more working Black Friday and missing Thanksgiving with my family.  No more after Christmas sales drama.  Now I can work 9-5 and be home in time for my favorite TV shows.  But I felt something was missing.  Like God had put me on this earth to do something more.  I asked myself, “What’s the problem?  Isn’t this what you always wanted to do?”  And I thought it was until…it wasn’t anymore.

Sometimes my friends, God’s places a dream in our hearts and we do everything in our power to run away from it.  I spent 10 years of my life trying to “fit the mold” even though I KNEW deep in my heart, I was on the wrong path.  Working in retail, wasting my gifts because I was afraid to step out on faith.  The moment I stopped running, I walked into my best life.  One where I make all the rules and feel energized everyday.  I have the pleasure of serving families just like yours and making a difference.  I get to impact lives, improve marriages and encourage parents to be their best.  What a honor it is to be invited into your homes and help with your most precious gifts.  If someone would have told me that sleep would be the vehicle of positive change in the lives of so many, I would have laughed.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this could happen.  Me, a little brown girl from Houston, gets to live out her dreams while helping families all the over US and Canada?  It still amazes me and I’ve been a consultant since 2008.  I’m truly blessed.

So today I challenge you to follow your heart.  Listen to that small voice and take action.  We all deserve to live our best life.  Take that step of faith and you’ll be amazed at the outcome.  Look at me.  I just proved that Sleep Is Always In Fashion.

What dream has God placed on your heart?

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