Sleep Well. Wake Happy. is a Sleep Consultant firm built on Christian values and beliefs. God has entrusted me with a wonderful gift and it would be my pleasure to share it with your family. You deserve a good night’s rest and your children need it to thrive.

When working with me you can expect:

  •  Education about WHY sleep is one of the most important and fundamental building blocks of your child’s development.
  •  An easy to follow; step by step plan that will allow you to “tune into” your instinctual parenting skills.
  •  Respect for your parenting style, child’s temperament and your family’s belief system.
  •  A judgment free, support system that is there to guide every step of your family’s sleep journey.

But wait!  What about crying?

Parents always ask whether their solutions involve “crying it out”.  Crying is your child’s way of protesting change, and you can expect that making changes to their sleep habits will result in some protest.  Please understand that working with me will most likely involve some amount of protest on your child’s part.  It’s also important to understand that sleep methods are simply a band-aid for your child’s sleep problems if the underlying root causes aren’t addressed.   While working with me, I will address the health of your child’s sleep before discussing any sleep methodology (i.e. sleep training). Once the fundamentals of sleep are in place, we will discuss a variety of methods and begin to craft a plan tailored to your family’s specific needs.  I respect your parenting style and will never force your family to select a method which makes you uncomfortable.