Summer Baby Sleep Tips

 Summer Baby Sleep Tips


Summer has officially arrived. It’s time to break out the adorable sundresses, load up the family for road trips, and enjoy the endless opportunities that warmer weather brings. Some of my favorite summer memories are times my sister and I spent at my grandma’s house. We’d go to Disney World, see our friends and of course stay up way past our bedtime. Fun times were had by all! I’m sure your calendar is full of fun activities and you’re looking forward to unplugging and basking in the relaxation of summer. With a little one in tow, you’ll have to balance all those fun times with their need for beauty sleep.  Follow these simple summer baby sleep tips to get on the road to a fun and sleep filled summer.

Keep Temperatures Under Control
If you’re like many families, there’s at least one room in your house that never seems to cool down. If that happens to be your baby’s room, I suggest using a window air conditioner or a fan to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Many new parents mistakenly believe that babies need to be kept extra warm, but if you’re uncomfortable, your baby probably is, too. Even more importantly, overheating is associated with sudden infant death syndrome. Keep the temperature in your child’s room between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll be off to a cool sleeping start for summer.

Don’t Try to Pack It All In
For most families, summertime evokes immediate memories of glorious summers from the past. Like everything fun, though, summer is fleeting, and you might be tempted to fit in every activity you can. You don’t have to give up on summertime fun altogether, but it’s important to keep your routine under control. Stick to a manageable daily activity level, and if your baby doesn’t seem to be having much fun follow her cues. For example, if you’re at a family barbecue, consider leaving a few minutes early to get your baby to bed. You’ll still get a chance to relax, and your baby won’t end up with a disrupted sleep routine.

Offer Plenty of Water
If your baby is thirsty, she’s just not going to sleep well; she’s also at risk of overheating. If you’re exclusively breastfeeding and you nurse on demand, your baby should get plenty of water from your breast milk. Otherwise, talk to your doctor about giving your child more water in her bottle, and consider adding an extra nursing session just before bed if you breastfeed; the more water your child gets, the better.

Keep a Regular Schedule
Travel, out-of-town company, and staying up late grilling all disrupt your baby’s schedule. Every child thrives on routine, so do everything in your power to keep your baby’s daily routine consistent. Even if you’re traveling, it’s possible to keep your child’s basic routine the same. Set the same bedtime for every evening, and wake your child up at the same time every day. If your schedule gets disrupted, simply pick up where you left off. For example, if your child goes to bed late, wake her up at her usual time.

Establish a Bedtime Ritual
Every baby needs some time to wind down after a long day, and a bedtime ritual is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. There’s no “right” ritual. Instead, choose something that’s fun and comfortable for you. An evening walk, a bedtime song, stories, or a bath can all form the foundation of a stellar ritual. Once you’ve found your ritual, stick with it – even when you’re traveling.

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