Praise Party (aka Testimonials)


Here’s what some of my well rested clients have to say about our time together…


"My son use to wake up 30 minutes on the dot for all of his naps and within 3 days of working with Tamiko he took his first 2 hour nap! We now have a system in place so Patrick can fall back to sleep own - bye bye pacifier. It was totally worth the investment and Tamiko is wonderful to work with."

Liz K, Busy Mom to 5 month old Patrick


"Before FLYA, I was co-sleeping and breastfeeding my baby all night and dealing with all the constant wake ups...but not anymore. I can put my son to bed in his crib, he lays down and falls right to sleep. I feel very well rested and I'm getting nights of full uninterrupted sleep. It's been great!"

Michelle W, Busy Mom to 11 month old Dale


"I was spending hours trying to rock my daughter to sleep and she had never slept a solid night in her life. Within the first week of working with Tamiko, Quinn was able to herself to sleep with minimal crying. No more rocking!!! I thank God everyday that I found her."

Jeanine N, Busy Mom to 4 month old Quinn + 2 year old Kate


"We have a 2 month old baby who sleeps 10-12 hours stretches every night. We don't want to brag too much to all the parents with little babies our age who ask us how tired we are because we aren't tired anymore. We sleep 7 - 8 hours every night. It's great!"

Elisa B, Busy Mom to 2 month old Laia

"It takes her less and less time to fall asleep on her own and there have been a few times that she fell asleep without crying in less than 10 minutes. I was absolutely shocked and pleased! The word miracle came to mind."

—Alice J, Busy Mom to 7 month old Ayla

"Dockery is a much happier baby.  We know when we put him down for the night, we're not worrying about him.  He no longer wakes up crying during the night and he sleeps the full 12 hours.  It's amazing!" 

 Meghan L, Busy Mom to 4 month old Dockery


"Hannah is going to bed earlier now (usually by 7:30 pm), sleeping through the night and waking up on time to get ready for school with a big smile on her face. She no longer fights bed time and our family is sleeping better"

Julia Z, Busy Mom to 3 year old Hannah

Thank you SOOOO MUCH! I am almost in tears writing this!! We have had a total sleep transformation since implementing your soft and gentle techniques! My daughter has had a few nights of solid sleep since starting your program a couple weeks ago and on nights she is up it is only once, maybe twice. This is a HUGE improvement from the 5-7 times a night previously. The other bonuses are that she is no longer sleeping with us and does not want a bottle or soother to go to sleep, she just wants her bed and blanky!!! I knew I needed to do this a long time ago but you gave me the tools and support I needed to implement it. Even my husband (who was soooo against sleep training) has been cooperative and helpful in putting her to sleep. I have a part of my life back that I was really missing and I am eternally grateful.

—Kyla H, Busy Mom To 17 month old Imaania

I tried your nap tip again this morning. I put her in her crib right when I started noticing her rubbing her eyes. I let her fuss for a few minutes and then went back in, repositioned her, put her binky back in her mouth and patted her bottom for about a minute. She fell right asleep and has been asleep for an hour and is STILL sleeping as I’m typing this!

—Busy Mom, Ashley D

I really enjoyed your overall positivity and celebrating even the smallest achievements, which is the kind of feedback nervous mamas need when sleep training their babies. This is my second baby and even I needed that encouragement because you’re always worried about whether you’re doing the right thing. As an added bonus, Gus SKIPPED his usual 2:30 am feeding and slept through until 4:30 am. After 15 minutes of nursing at 4:30, he went back down with no fuss at all. I’m so thrilled!

—Karin O, Busy Mom to 6 month old Gus


The most important thing people should know about working with Tamiko is that she supports gentle parenting. There was no criticism of my choice in safe co sleeping while my daughter was newborn, and she was willing to offer advice on any step I wanted to take next, be it continuing to co-sleep or move her into the crib or bassinet. I hesitated on working with Tamiko because I was afraid she would recommend the cry it out method, and look down on co sleeping. But that wasn't the case at all! She was very easy to talk to, made our conversation fun and enjoyable while still being very informative. Because of her advice, my daughter now sleeps through the whole night in her nursery and I get a full 8 hours of rest. Hallelujah! I would recommend her services to any new mom, or anyone trying to get their child on a schedule.

— Caity F, mom of a 6 month old baby girl

Corley W

Tamiko makes it as easy as possible for the sleep deprived parent. Before working with her, I was very worried that there wouldn't be gentle options because I really didn't want to go the cry-it-out route. However together we developed a gentle plan (with very little crying) so everyone could get back to sleep. Within the first week we saw improvement in the length of time she was sleeping, and how quickly we were able to get her back to sleep when she did wake up. It was great that I had someone to hold me accountable with regular check-ins who was knowledgeable and could adjust our plan without derailing us if something wasn't working. I now have the confidence that when her sleep is thrown off by things like teething, illness, growth spurts, or time changes, I have the tools to get it back on track. I highly recommend Tamiko's services to other moms who are having trouble with frequent wakings and haven't been able to make any of the plans laid out by sleep books work.

— Corley W, mom of a 9 month old baby girl

Karissa BWe saw results immediately! She slept better and gave up night nursing without much fuss the first night. The third night, she slept 11 hours straight for the first time in her life. We were amazed at how quickly she started sleeping better and how easy it was to be consistent with the plan Tamiko created for us. After the first few nights, my husband and I have gotten more rest and enjoyed more quality time together. We have been able to put our daughter to bed and relax knowing that she will sleep most of the night. At first, I didn't want to pay to use a "sleep consultant." I felt like I should have been able to solve my baby's sleep problems on my own and that I was giving up by hiring a sleep consultant. I was also slightly worried that Tamiko would ask me to do things I wasn't comfortable with (such as letting her cry for hours alone), which definitely didn't happen. Tamiko is very positive and encouraging, gave us options and let us pick what we thought would work best for our family. I should have hired her a year ago! I would recommend Tamiko to anyone having sleep troubles with their baby or child. From small nap time troubles to major bedtime battles, I'm sure she could help get your family on the right track to better sleep. Don't hesitate to work with Tamiko! There's never going to be a "right time," so you might as well start sleeping better tonight.

— Karissa B, mom of a 19 month old girl

Jeanette C

Eva was such a little baby (2 weeks) when we started that I was nervous but after the first 24 hours I felt comfortable with my most treasured possession in Tamiko's care. As a result of working with Tamiko, I now have a happy baby that can soothe herself to sleep at 3 months. That is a miracle since my other kids still can't do that which is why I knew I needed a different approach for this baby. I learned a lot about schedules, feeding, etc which is funny since this is my 3rd child. A side benefit that actually turned out to be HUGE was not having to drag my newborn out into public and leaving her with Tamiko while I shuttled her siblings around. I think it gave her a more relaxed environment and resulted is a super mellow baby. I would recommend Tamiko to any new mom but especially those with multiple children. It is so hard to focus your attention on a newborn's schedule and they demand all of your attention so it is great to have someone to help so that your other children don't feel resentful towards the new baby. Just trust Tamiko and follow her lead with the schedule and feedings. It all seemed foreign to me when we began but now the system works so well. Having a sleeping baby that can self soothe is pretty priceless. Also, having someone you can trust with your biggest miracle is also invaluable. Also being able to spend some quality time with your other children and your husband is one perk that makes the addition of a new baby a pleasant transition for everyone.

— Jeanette C, mom of 2 boys and one 3 month old baby girl

Anita PMy son was diagnosed with a bad case of silent reflux and we just assumed good sleep was something that was lost for our family until he outgrew his reflux. But then we met Tamiko! I never thought my son would be able to sleep without me or my husband bouncing on an exercise ball for what seemed like forever each time or holding him upright for hours to make sure his reflux would not wake him up in pain. After working with Tamiko for just a few days, we can lay our son in his crib at night and after a few minutes of talking to himself, he is fast asleep. On top of that, his night waking have reduced significantly and only really wakes up for his one night feed. No more bouncing, holding, rocking, etc. for hours at end and our little guy wakes up happy and content! We recently started to work on his naps as well and he went from being rocked to sleep only to sleep 30-40 mins to being able to fall asleep on his own and getting a few longer naps each day. We are still working on the naps but they are moving in the right direction. I tell my husband often, THANK GOODNESS for Tamiko. If it were not for her help and support, we would be stuck in an endless battle with that darn exercise ball :)

— Anita P, mom of a 4 month old baby boy

Kristin N

Our son would never sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time, and he would often spend most of the night waking every hour or less. During the day, he napped in short bursts, in car rides or in someone’s arms and never for very long. On the first night, Tamiko sat down with us and discussed our son’s sleeping and eating habits during the day and night. She immediately identified some problem areas that we could work on right away. After the first week, he began to sleep better during the day and slightly better at night with the changes we had made. During the second week, we followed everything Tamiko advised us to do. It was hard work, but Tamiko was sharing the burden on the nights she was here and reassuring us that it would all pay off. We could not believe the transformation we saw taking place in our baby. He learned to self-soothe and sleep for longer stretches of sleep both at night and during the day. He was even noticeably happier. By the end of the third week, he was sleeping for 10-12 hour stretches. When telling our friends and family about Tamiko, we find ourselves often saying, “She was worth every penny.”

– Kristin N., mom of 7 month old baby boy

Amy JBefore Tamiko came to help us with our newborn son we thought we had a lost cause on our hands for being a good sleeper. We planned for three weeks of service, and we honestly thought we would need more and that she was going to have a lot of work on her hands getting him to sleep better. Tamiko had our son sleeping through the night by the end of the first week. We continued for the whole three weeks to tweak any little things that came up during that time. By the end of the three weeks, our son was sleeping between 11-12 hours each night with rarely a peep in the night. She also gave us a great direction on what to do on the weekends and during the day if sleep issues came up. She was excellent.

– Amy J., mom of 10 month old baby boy

Rebecca DJust wanted to share my success from last night. It was so rough but I did it!! I started T's routine. Bath, book, bed(in his OWN bed). Bed was the most difficult of course. He did not want to go to sleep in his bed. I told him I would lay on the floor by his bed so he could still see me, but he wanted to lay with me on the floor. When I would put him back in his bed he would want me to lay with him in his bed. So I just sat on the floor and every time he got out of his bed, I would put him back in it. The whole time I was going through this, one of your posts kept going through my head....Stay calm, don't get frustrated. My husband and I finally got him back to sleep then he woke up about 30 minutes later. I gave him his bottle (I know, something else we are working to get rid of) and he was out! That was about midnight and he slept there until 7:30 this morning. I was super proud of him and myself. Thank you for your advice!

– Rebecca D, mom of a 2 year old boy

Lizzie M Thank you SO much for everything. I don't think I can fully explain how much your help means to us! You were so dependable. Knowing I had a weekly chat scheduled to ask you all of my questions and discuss my concerns kept me sane. Knowing I could send a quick email & get a quick response was also a life saver too. Keep up the amazing work - we are lucky to have you!

Update: Mikey has been sleeping through the night since he was 4 months (he's now 7 months!) & dropped the dreamfeed a little before he turned 6 months! He's sleeping 11-12 hours at night & takes 2 naps a day. Can't thank you for all your help!!

– Lizzie M, mom of 4 month old baby boy

Melissa CGood news! Baby M slept ALL NIGHT! Not even a PEEP!!! Baby C only woke up a couple of times!! Yeehaw!

Update: The boys are doing great! Still taking 2 naps and sleeping all night at 16 months. Whoo hoo!

– Melissa C, mom of 5 month old boy twins

Allie TBefore working with Tamiko our son had no schedule and would sleep wherever. And wasn't good sleep. It would be 10-20 minutes in the swing, 10-20 minutes in someone's arms and this would go on all day. Then at night he didn't want to sleep much and was up every few hours. Tamiko really helped us get him on a schedule and get him sleeping longer at night. She showed us how to get him to go to sleep, a good environment to support that and provided us with a schedule. She also told us how many ounces he should eating and how to feed him during the day so he'd sleep better at night. Now that he has longer sleep cycles at night, he's more happy and interactive during the day. No more dozing off all day because he didn't sleep well the night before. I'm a happier mom, he's a happier baby and dad is happier too! Tamiko came to our house, worked her magic and made it such a fast transition! It only took 7 days! WOW!

— Allie T, mom of a 2 month old baby boy

Baby L is doing so well now! For the past 5 nights he has gone down around 8:00 and slept until around 6:30 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. It’s unbelievable! My wife and I even went to Nashville this past weekend and her parents kept him in their baby bed (with all monitoring) and he did great for them too (they were under strict instructions to follow schedule). I think what we are doing now is working great. We have been putting him down for naps on a consistent basis and for the most part he has every one of his naps down. Thank you so much!!

– Will, father of a 2 month old baby boy

Tamiko Kelly is a fantastic baby nurse! She is very attentive, respectful, and responsible. Tamiko has a sweet and kind disposition. She was quick to get to know our baby and they bonded immediately. Not once did I ever worry about my baby and her well being while under the care of Tamiko. I would recommend her to anyone I know and hope to have her with us again!

– Lauren S, mom of a 4 month old baby girl

I attended an event you did with Bump Club Austin and found it very helpful. In fact, we began a sticker chart with my 2.5 year old that helped transform her into an almost perfect sleeper and set the stage for a seamless transition to her toddler bed!!!

– Laura S, mom of a 2.5 year old girl

I never thought my daughter would ever nap without me in the room or longer than an hour. After working with Tamiko for just 5 days, I'm able to leave the room, my daughter falls asleep on her own and sleeps an hour and half! I couldn't be happier to see results so quickly!

– Jacky R, mom of 18 month old girl

Since you came and worked your magic with our son he has been sleeping through the night, napping and has not needed ANY medication. No Tylenol for his teeth or his GERD meds!!!!! You're a freaking miracle worker!

Update: We all had a glass of champagne (parents and grandparents) the night he turned one to toast that we made it a whole year with the most difficult baby. We could not have done it without you. He has become a healthy and happy baby all because he sleeps now. He's a different kid and its all thanks to you!

– Courtney H, mom of 10 month old baby boy

We couldn't be happier with the care Tamiko gave our baby girl and would highly recommend her to anyone! Our daughter is just over 5 months old and she... got her to take a 2 hour nap!! A new record!!

– Peggy S., mom of 5 month old baby girl