The easiest way to get your toddler sleeping in their bed all night

The easiest way to get your toddler sleeping in their bed all night
Picture it.
It’s 3 am.
Your toddler crawls in bed with you.
Which is ok but….
You feel like you’re sleeping with a sumo wrestler.
You get kicked in the ribs.
Slapped in face.
And at some point during the night your little one managed to sprawl herself over the entire bed and now you’re clutching the edge of the mattress for dear life.
Well if that’s your reality,  I created today’s video just for you.

In this quick 3 minute video, I share my favorite tips to teach your toddler to stay in her bed all night. Press play.



Let’s Recap

To help your toddler sleep in her bed all night:

  • Create a sticker chart that rewards your toddler for staying in bed all night
  • Each night that she sleeps in her big girl bed, she’ll earn a sticker and after earning a certain number of stickers (usually around 5 is a great place to start) she earns a reward.
  • You know her best so pick something that she’ll be excited to earn (don’t start with a trip to Disney World though, start small and work your way up)
  • Don’t forget to remind her about the rewards throughout the day and be consistent.  That’s key.
  • And the BIGGEST thing to remember is don’t take stickers away.
    • If she doesn’t sleep in her bed then she won’t receive a sticker for the night 


Bonus Tip

Get your toddler involved in making the sticker chart.  

Let her pick the stickers, the color of the poster board, the markers you’ll use, etc.

Make it a fun craft project and you can even get her ideas of other things she’ll like to earn sticker for (like picking up her toys or brushing her teeth).


Now it’s your turn.

In the comments below, what have you tried to get your toddler sleeping in their bed all night? Did it work?


Here’s to everyone sleeping in their own beds,

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