What To Do When Co-Sleeping No Longer Works

What To Do When Co Sleeping No Longer Works


This tired mama’s question is probably one you can relate to and goes a lil’ something like this:

“My daughter is almost 7 weeks old and she is currently co-sleeping. While I enjoy the cuddles it’s starting to not work for us. I would like to get my daughter sleeping in her crib. How do I go about transitioning within the next few weeks?”

So if co-sleeping really = you sleeping with 1/2 your body draped off the side of the mattress (as you wonder how the hell such a small baby can take up so much space), keeping reading today’s blog post.  I’ll share some juicy tidbits that’ll help both you and your sweet baby sleep comfortably…all night long.

Picture it…

It’s 2 am and your baby is awake screaming from her crib in the nursery.  This is the 20th time she’s woke up tonight and you’re exhausted.  Just the thought of getting out of your warm bed and sleepwalking down the hall one. more. time. is just too much too bear.  So your husband rolls over and whispers something to you while he’s half asleep, “Just bring her into the bed with us so we can get some sleep.”  And you agree because you’re tired and who really wants to be up fighting with their baby at 2 am anyway.  So you bring her into the bed and like magic she falls fast asleep.  And for the first time EVER she sleeps all night without a peep.  Hallelujah!  

But then one night something happens.  You bring your baby into bed but this time, she sleeps but you can’t.  Why?  Because she has managed to slap you in the face, elbow you in the ribs and nudge you in the throat.  You try to move over to get out of her grasp but she’s like a heat seeking missile and follows you wherever you go.  There’s literally no escape.  By the end of the night, your husband’s made a pallet on the floor and you’re white knuckling the edge of the mattress trying not to fall off the side of the bed.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Well let me share with you 3 simple steps that will help you transition your baby into her crib when co-sleeping no longer works.




Step One:  Set Up The Nursery

  • Blackout curtains..check!
  • White noise…check!
  • Crib with no bumpers and no in crib entertainment…double check!
  • Bonus Tip:  be sure to get a little night light for those 2 am diaper changes 🙂


Step Two:  Put Her There For All Sleep

  • Start with bedtime and then slowly transition her naps.  
  • The main thing here is be consistent (aka start when you’re ready….really it’s no pressure)
  • You’ve got this mama!


Step Three:  Stick To Your Guns

  • Once you decide to move her into the crib, you’ve got to keep her there (i.e. no sneaking her back into her your bed when I’m not looking)
  • Babies don’t understand sleeping with you on Tuesday night and then sleeping in her room in the crib on Thursday.
  • Remember you’re the leader…so lead the way.  Show her what you want her to do (or in the case, where you want her to sleep).



In comments below tell me,

Are you a former co-sleeping mama who’s successful moved her baby in the crib and have some tips to share?

Or maybe you’ve tried moving your baby to her crib, it didn’t go well but you’re ready to try again?  Do tell!


Here’s to everybody sleeping in their own beds,




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