Let’s be real.

No one likes waking up at 3 am, especially when it’s to the sound of screaming baby who refuses to go back to sleep.


But what if I told you that I had the perfect solution that would help both you and your baby get more sleep.

Would you be interested? (yeah, I figured you would *wink*)

Whether you’re a new mama or just had your 3rd, I offer a variety of solutions that’ll bring sweet sleep and quiet nights to your house STAT.

Here’s how I can help:



My events are a great way for you to get a taste of what it’s like to work with me.

Bring your pen and paper because I have a ton of info to share. Oh and be prepared to have fun…lots of it! I can’t wait to “meet” you.

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Step by Step Baby Sleep Training Program

Your baby still wakes in the middle of night and you’re frustrated.

Let me show you the easiest way to teach your night owl to sleep through the night.

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Busy Mom’s Guide To Baby Sleep Training

Sleep Training Done With A Group

Step by step sleep training course delivered in the perfect digital package. Get support from me + other tired mamas all over the world.

Perfect for the tired mama who thrives in a loving supportive environment of her peers.

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Pillow Talk

Sleep Training Done With You + I

Just think of my pillow talk sessions as a simple math equation: You + Me + Step By Step Baby Sleep Advice = More Time Sleeping On Your Pillow

This one's for the exhausted mama who needs one-on-one help with her baby's sleep problems.

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Slumber Party

Sleep Training Done For You

My flagship offering. Total white glove, VIP treatment.
You’re exhausted and overwhelmed.
You sleep. I work my magic.

Invite me over to your place. I’ll spend a couple of nights and sleep train your baby for you.

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