Case Studies


Michelle W, Well Rested Mom to 11 month old Dale:  “Before FLYA, I was co-sleeping and breastfeeding my baby all night and dealing with all the constant wake ups…but not anymore. I can put my son to bed in his crib, he lays down and falls right to sleep. I feel very well rested and I’m getting nights of full uninterrupted sleep. It’s been great!”


Jeanine N, Well Rested Mom to 4 month old Quinn + 2 year old Kate:  “I was spending hours trying to rock my daughter to sleep and she had never slept a solid night in her life. Within the first week of working with Tamiko, Quinn was able to herself to sleep with minimal crying. No more rocking!!! I thank God everyday that I found her.” 



Alice J, Well Rested Mom to 7 month old Ayla:  “It takes her less and less time to fall asleep on her own and there have been a few times that she fell asleep without crying in less than 10 minutes. I was absolutely shocked and pleased! The word miracle came to mind.”


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Elisa B, Well Rested Mom to 2 month old Laia:  “We have a 2 month old baby who sleeps 10-12 hours stretches every night. We don’t want to brag too much to all the parents with little babies our age who ask us how tired we are because we aren’t tired anymore. We sleep 7 – 8 hours every night. It’s great!”



Meghan L, Well Rested Mom to 4 month old Dockery:  “Dockery is a much happier baby.  We know when we put him down for the night, we’re not worrying about him.  He no longer wakes up crying during the night and he sleeps the full 12 hours.  It’s amazing!”



Julia Z, Well Rested Mom to 3 year old Hannah:  “Hannah is going to bed earlier now (usually by 7:30 pm), sleeping through the night and waking up on time to get ready for school with a big smile on her face. She no longer fights bed time and our family is sleeping better”



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Well Rested Mom, Liliana:  “You’ve been the only person to truly understand what having a high needs baby is like.  My daughter use to cry, kick and scream anytime I tried to lay her in the crib.  But now I can sit her in the crib, give her the lovey, sing the first 3 words of her sleeping song and she’ll go right to bed.  FLYA has made such a big difference!”


Well Rested Mom, Shayla:  I like that FLYA spoke to who my daughter was an individual.  It wasn’t just here’s sleep training, here’s the steps you take and it’ll work.  I like that it spoke to her personality and gave me the tools to create a wind down routine to help my daughter get ready for bed. My life is so different since joining FLYA.  Before I was co-sleeping with my daughter and was waking up all night to breastfeed her back to sleep but now she sleeps all night in her crib.  FLYA truly works!”


KylaKyla H, Busy Mom To 17 month old Imaania – Thank you SOOOO MUCH! I am almost in tears writing this!! We have had a total sleep transformation since implementing your soft and gentle techniques! My daughter has had a few nights of solid sleep since starting FLYA a couple weeks ago and on nights she is up it is only once, maybe twice. This is a HUGE improvement from the 5-7 times a night previously. The other bonuses are that she is no longer sleeping with us and does not want a bottle or soother to go to sleep, she just wants her bed and blanky!!! I knew I needed to do this a long time ago but you gave me the tools and support I needed to implement it. Even my husband (who was soooo against sleep training) has been cooperative and helpful in putting her to sleep. I have a part of my life back that I was really missing and I am eternally grateful.”

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