Your Baby Sleep FAQs Answered + A Spoiler Alert

Your Baby Sleep FAQs



It’s my favorite day of the week and Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!  Whoo hoo!

I see lots of chocolates and flowers in our future.

But I digress….

Thanks again for all of your email questions and fun comments you posted on my Facebook Page after last week’s video.  I’m so glad you enjoyed it.  

But honestly, I knew you would 🙂

Keep all the great feedback coming and feel free to share the video with your friends. 

So in true Cupid style, I’ll be dropping love bombs all of you over this month.

And you’re gonna love ’em

Trust me 🙂


I mustache you a question


Now let’s get right into our next Video Love Bomb

When mamas begin sleep training their babies one of the most frequent phrases I hear is, “What do I do if my baby… 

and it’s usually followed by 

  • hates his own crib/room?”
  • only will fall asleep in bed with me?”
  • wakes up all night and will only go back to sleep if I poop a boob in her mouth?”
  • cries in the middle of night? Should I ignore her and just let her cry it out?”
  • wakes up at 5:30 am and refuses to go back to sleep?”


I hear ya girl!

And in today’s video, I’ve gotcha covered.

I answer these 5 questions and give you the exact steps that I’ve being sharing with my well rested clients for years.


When I answered Caity’s question, I got this response from her on Facebook:

“I have to say you were completely right. My daughter is on a schedule and sleeps the whole night in her nursery. Thank you for the advice!”


So trust me when I say, this video is AMAZZZING!

Feel free to use what I teach and start getting more sleep tonight.


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Now here’s the exciting news + a preview of what’s to come:

I hope you’ve been enjoying the video training.  The response has been fantastic.

Tuesday morning, the doors crack wide open for my first ever online course, “The Busy Mom’s Guide To Baby Sleep Training” and I can’t wait to send over your invite.

The doors will be open for a limited time for a small elite group of VIPs (yep, that’s you!) and I can’t wait to send over your invitation.

The Busy Mom’s Guide To Baby Sleep Training (or Busy Mom’s Guide as the cool kids call it) will literally walk you step by step through how to get your baby sleeping through the night.

No fluff. No BS. Just more sleep.


The mamas currently in my beta test group are having miraculous results.

Here’s what Judit C had to say:

“Jessica’s been sleeping for 10.5 hours so far!  And still going!! Whoop Whoop!  I feel rested for once!”

Will you be the next mama to FINALLY get a good night’s sleep?




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