Your Baby + Toddler Sleep Training Questions Answered

Baby and Toddler Sleep Training Questions Answered

It’s been waaaay to long since I posted a video on my blog.  I’ve been dealing with some major video resistance over here (thinkin’ that it has to be super profesh before I share it, all the editing involved, scripts, lighting, blah, blah, blah) but since I’ve hopped on Periscope things have become so much easier.

Over on Facebook, I asked my tribe what questions they had about getting their babies and toddlers sleeping through the night.  The response was overwhelming and I picked 3 of their questions to answer for you in today’s video.

Now all though you can’t see all the hearts or the comments on the screen, I can assure that I’m not talking to myself.  I’m interacting with the viewers who joined me in real time welcoming them and answering their questions live.  It’s so cool.  If you haven’t jumped on Periscope yet, you totally should.  I’m there every day sharing baby + toddler sleep tips and I would love to “see” you.  I even created this page to teach you how to get started.

I know your time is precious so feel free to jump to 2:40 in video.  That’s where I dive right in and start answering questions.


Now in the comments below, share with me your q’s about getting your little one to sleep through the night.  

I may even answer it on an upcoming episode.  

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sweet Dreams,




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